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Real-Time Polling Results

The First Of Their Kind?

Updated on October 20, 2018

The Upshot—the New York Times’ data-driven reporting column focused on all things politics and economics—teamed up with Siena College to bring the public real-time poll results of races for Congress across the country, some of which haven’t even started!

Over the two months leading up to election day, more than one million Americans will be called and asked to answer polling questions in more than 50 districts—49 of which are completed at the time of this post on October 17. They’re answers update in real time, by district, with percentages for the Republican candidate, Democratic candidate and undecided. Candidates with their name bolded have a clear lead based on the Upshot’s poll.

Not only do they hope to give people the most accurate results as transparently as they can gather, but inspire them to learn more about the candidates that control the outcome. The Upshot will stop polling two days before the election.

What If You Could Conduct Real-Time Polls Yourself?

You don’t need to be the New York Times to get answers from the general public in real time. Any municipality can replicate the essence of this tool with Voxloca—and the City of Cupertino, California recently did.

Voxloca levels the playing field for public officials wanting to collect data from their voters. Sure, you heard of polling softwares before, but never one like Voxloca.

Why Choose Voxloca Over Other Polling Softwares?

You can do exactly what the Upshot is doing, only for 75% less than other polling softwares and not just with phone outreach, but text, Facebook chat and email surveys. Think of how much stronger your position when you have statistically-valid results with a 5% or lower margin of error, from the people who are actually voting in your district.

Unlike old school polling software that costs upwards of $20k per survey and keeps you waiting weeks for results, Voxloca pricing starts at $5k and updates you in real time. Plus, it’s a better product—information from the actual voter files is used to ensure responses match up to current voter population, unlike competitors who use inbound responses. Voxloca makes it affordable for you to continually gather data, so you keep up with changing public opinion over the years and stay relevant.