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Not All Real-Time Polls Are Created Equal

The Upshot & Siena College teamed up for real-time polling of the midterm elections, but here's what they missed...

Updated on November 13, 2018

In our previous article, we covered the New York Times’ Upshot Division that used their real-time polling system to predict the outcome of House and Senate races across the United States. An article on also shared some insights into the Upshot’s real-time polling for New York’s 11th Congressional District, with Republican Daniel Donovan vs. Democrat Max Rose. The poll officially predicted Donovan with 44%, Rose 40%, and 15% undecided.

The results are in, and Democrat Max Rose won the election. While predicting election results across the country is no easy task, there are a few areas Voxloca polling methods outperform the Upshot’s methods.

Voxloca Has Industry-High Response Rates

The article states: "More than 17,000 calls had been made as of Friday, but only a little more than 300 people had responded.”

That’s only 1.8%! At Voxloca, we see anywhere from 5 to 10% response rates, or 2.5-5X the rates they New York Times received.

Voxloca Results Match the Likely Voter Population

The article states: “Most reliable political polls survey likely voters, but this poll does not.”

Since Voxloca pulls from the voter files, we only target likely voters and adjust the sampling automatically to make sure the pool of respondents matches the likely voter population.

Voxloca Goes Where the Voters Are

The article states: “We never paid attention to the polls and we aren’t going to start now.”

A poll is only as good as its ability to actually reach the likely voter population. Since Voxloca uses both email and SMS text to reach voters, we’re able to interact with more voters and get higher response rates than traditional phone-bank-based polling.

Why You Should Test Voxloca

If you need intel on public opinion, Voxloca is the go-to real-time polling software. Not only will you see higher response rates and more accurate polls compared to other polling services, but you’ll also get the answers in real-time and at the fraction of the cost of competitors.

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