Affordable Tracking Polls For Civic Organizations And Local Governments

Affordable Tracking Polls For Civic Organizations And Local Governments

Voxloca is an innovative way for community leaders and public officials to collect data from their constituents regularly and affordably with statistically-valid results.

Fast and Friendly Polling

  • Friendly SMS text with optional opt-out
  • Facebook chatbot surveys for ad campaigns
  • Mobile-friendly email surveys
  • Landline polling with automated or voice-recorded prompts

Real-time Reporting

  • View responses in real-time as they come in
  • Sampled results are automatically weighted to your population
  • Check your response rates and breakdowns by survey source

Text, Voice, and Web Surveys

Voxloca uses multiple methods to contact your constituents: text, voice, email, and chatbots. So you can reach your constituents in multiple ways, increasing response rates up to 3X.

Regular Surveying and Data Collection

Instead of paying $25-50,000 for one survey that’s only relevant for one specific time period, Voxloca makes it affordable for you to continually gather data from your constituents, providing a more granular and statistically-relevant report on changing public opinion over months and years.

Statistically-Valid Results

Voxloca uses current census and political modeling data to ensure that the number of responses represents a statistically-significant sample in your area whether that be a district, city, county or state.

How Voxloca Works

Voxloca uses a combination of contact methods for your constituents to make sure each survey has a statistically valid sample of your area. Then, all the information is merged for you into one easy-to-read report.


Text sent to recipient's smartphone, allowing your constituent to answer simply by responding to text prompts.


Phone call with an automated voice asks your constituent to easily respond using the phone’s keypad.


An email is sent with a link to a web-based survey that may be completed any time by the recipient.


Using Facebook Messenger and artificial intelligence, a survey is administered through the chatbot.

Automatically Weighted To Likely Voter Universes

Voxloca manages the sequencing and frequency of contacts to maximize participation from key constituents and provides you with statistically-valid results. You receive one easy-to-digest report with the information you need to know.

Days, Not Weeks Or Months

Our typical turnaround time is less than a week. We will collect a sample with a 5% or lower margin of error and compile a report for you within just a few days.

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