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Voxloca is an innovative way for community leaders and public officials to collect data from their constituents regularly and affordably with statistically-valid results.

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A better way to send surveys.

Text, Voice, and Web Surveys

Voxloca uses multiple methods to contact your constituents: text, voice, email, and chatbots. So you can reach your constituents in multiple ways, increasing response rates up to 3X.

Fast and Friendly Polling

Voxloca offers simple SMS text and mobile-friendly email surveys with optional opt-out. We also can provide Facebook chatbot surveys driven and landline polling with automated or voice-recorded prompts.

Real-time Reporting

View responses in real-time as they come in! aSampled results are automatically weighted to the likely voter population in the survey area. We'll show you your response rates and breakdowns by survey source.

Regular Surveying and Data Collection

Instead of paying $25-50,000 for one survey that’s only relevant for one specific time period, Voxloca makes it affordable for you to continually gather data from your constituents, providing a more granular and statistically-relevant report on changing public opinion over months and years.

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We’re here to help

Whether it's formulating the right survey question, choosing a survey area, or analyzing past survey results and trends, our knowledgeable team would love to engage. We can design your survey and write additional analyses to surprise and impress your team.

Case study

City of Cupertino

Business license fee and storm drain fee survey

The City of Cupertino commissioned Voxloca to conduct a survey of its residents using our modern surveying methodology that allows cities and organizations to quickly reach residents or voters and obtain a statistically valid sample of public opinion.

This brief, seven-question survey focused on proposed increases to the business license tax and the storm drain fee. We used our modern survey methodology to sample the Cupertino population with 5% margin of error.

Data Collection: Surveys administered via SMS text and email.
Universe: Likely November 2018 voters
Fielding Dates: May 23-25, 2018
Sample Size: n=372 (SMS n=199, email n=173)
Margin of Error: +/- 5.05%

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Voxloca is the leader in comprehensive, affordable constituent polling.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to run a survey?

From inception it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months, depending on internal approval processes on survey language. Once we're in the field, it takes only a two to three days.

Do you poll on weekends?

Absolutely! We get the best response on weekends, so we encourage our clients to allow us to poll during preset hours (usually 10am to 6pm) on weekends.

How do you ensure that no one responds twice?

One email or phone number is one survey! Since our inputs are tied to phone numbers and email addresses, it's not possible to record a vote more than once.

How long do you recommend a SMS text survey should be?

We've found that surveys of 10 questions or less have the lowest abandoment rate. We encourage our clients to condense their surveys to no more than a dozen questions.

What kind of questions do you support?

Because our surveys are administered via text message, in order to prevent respondant input errors, we recommend only short answer and single-choice questions with answers.

How long has Voxloca been running surveys?

Voxloca launched in 2017 and participated in the 2018 election cycle. We have been running surveys on and off election years.

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